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The Wall

19 Jan 2014 • Permalink

The Wall by Alessandro Melandri on

Synchronize Sublime Text packages on multiple computers

02 Jan 2014 • Permalink

Finally a way to synchronize Sublime packages beetween my home iMac and my work ThinkPad.

Manage posts excerpt in Jekyll

24 Nov 2013 • Permalink

Jekyll has a built in excerpt feature, but I wanted more control on how excerpt is generated and displayed, so googling around I found two nice posts that explain how to manage it and display a "Read on" button that links to the article page.

This is how it works:

  • Check if the post contains the excerpt separator
  • If the separator is found, split the post content in an array, print the first element and a link to the full article
  • If there isn't a separator just display the post content

This is how I modified my index.html page.

{% if post.content contains '<!--more-->' %}
    {{ post.content | split:'<!--more-->' | first }}
    <p><a href="{{ post.url }}">Continue reading</a></p>

{% else %}

    {{ post.content }}
{% endif %}

Custom notifications for a specific status change in Jira

20 Nov 2013 • Permalink

The default Jira notification scheme sometimes might look like a spam bot, especially if you have a lot of users actively using it, so for one of our project we decided to create an empty notification scheme and add just one notification for a specific status change.

Jira doesn't have a built in notification for specific status changes but fortunately adding a new one is quite easy.

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Update table with data from another table using SQL

19 Nov 2013 • Permalink

A simple but useful SQL snippet that lets you update a table using data from another table

     Table1.col1 = Table2.col1,
     Table1.col2 = Table2.col2 
ON  = 

Custom Jekyll filter for tags

12 Nov 2013 • Permalink

This is a simple Jekyll filter that I wrote in order to use Bootstrap's label objects to display post tags.
It's based on the original array_to_sentence_string filter, part of the Jekyll core.

Just put it in your _plugins folder and use it in your layout:

module Jekyll
  module CustomTagFilter
    def tag_array(array)
      connector = ","
      case array.length
        when 0
        when 1
          "<span class=\"label label-default\">#{ array[0].to_s}</span>"
          "<span class=\"label label-default\">#{array.join('</span> <span class="label label-default">')}</span>"



<span class="posttags">{ { page.tags | tag_array } } </span>


Tags: <span class="label label-default">Tech</span> <span class="label label-default">Jekyll</span> <span class="label label-default">Bootstrap</span>

About this blog theme

12 May 2013 • Permalink

I keep receiving requests about the theme used on my blog and a lot of people are asking me to release it as I did with DarkStripes.

I'm not going to publish the source code anytime soon, because I'd like to keep the look of my blog "unique".

I promised to write a tutorial on how to customize the default Octopress theme to get a look similar to my blog, but I couldn't find enough spare time.
The new born baby and a relocation are draining my energies so, please, be patient and if you are in a hurry remember that Firebug and Chrome web inspector are your good friends.


07 Mar 2013 • Permalink

Ettore by Alessandro Melandri (amelandri)) on

Why passwords have never been weaker and crackers have never been stronger

10 Feb 2013 • Permalink

An in-dept technical article by Arstechnica on password cracking techniques, a must read for an IT guy and for whoever is worried about his online security.

For the record, after reading the article I bought 1Password and changed every password of my key online accounts.

World War II in Photos

01 Feb 2013 • Permalink

A great retrospective on World War II by The Atlantic.