DarkStripes Octopress theme released

Some months ago I published an article about the Octopress theme customization used on this site and since then I received a lot of feedback and customization requests.

I finally reworked it and built a complete Octopress theme, released on Github, so you can fork it and customize it to fit your taste.

Following one of the most requested modification, I’ve updated the header code removing the image “{am}” and rendering the logo using only HTML and CSS.

I’m still tweaking the code and trying to test it on all browser (IE still to come), so maybe the best way to install the theme is to clone the Git repository in your Octopress .theme folder. Please, use GitHub issues if you have any problem with the theme.

If you’d like to see how it looks, this websites always uses the latest code.

In the screenshot below you can see the difference beetween the old header using an image for the logo and the new header that is using html and css to render the same logo.