Alessandro Melandri

Learn to speak vim – verbs, nouns, and modifiers!

A great clever way to use and learn Vim: speak to him!

What Powers Instagram

What Powers Instagram: Hundreds of Instances, Dozens of Technologies One of the questions we always get asked at meet-ups and conversations with other engineers is, “what’s your stack?” We ...

Google Chrome Developer Tools - 12 Tricks to Develop Quicker

WordPress - Get tags specific to a category

A nice discussion and a great solution on Wordpress Support Forum.

Best Collection of Code for your functions.php

http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/1567/best-collection-of-code-for-your-functions-php-file A great collection of functions for your WordPress functions.php file

Un anno fa

E subito Odisseo le disse soavi, accorte parole: “Ti supplico, o potente, in ginocchio. Sei tu forse dea o mortale? Se alcuna delle dee tu sei del vasto cielo, per la bellezza del volto, e l’alta...

JTextFileParser 1.4

I’ve just released a small update to JTexFileParser adding the ability to export text file data to XML. Check it out at google code. JTexFileParser is a java package built for simplifing delimited...

Correct Lotus Notes behavior on Ubuntu 9.10

After upgrading my desktop to Karmic Koala I started having some problem with my Notes 8.5.1 installation with window not displaying contents. Doing a brief Google search I found this thread about ...

Textarea char counter, a jQuery plugin

Some weeks ago I received a customer request to add a character counter to a textarea field and I made it using “classic” Javascript. Now that I’m learning jQuery and have some spare time, I tryed ...

Better fonts for Lotus Notes 8.5 in Ubuntu

I’ve just installed Lotus Notes 8.5 on Ubuntu and the first thing I noticed was the horrible fonts used in the interface. I’ve searched for a setting, but couldn’t find none so Goggle helped me: No...