Alessandro Melandri

IT Project Manager, strimpello la chitarra, fotografo particolari insignificanti, studio la Lingua dei Segni Italiana

Profilo personale

Non c’è niente di più difficile che scrivere un profilo personale su stessi.

Capitale umano

È incredibile vedere come molte aziende non si rendano conto dell’importanza del capitale umano e dell’esperienza acquisita dalle persone

How to create products with the least amount of complexity

A truly simple product is built around a deep understanding of the problem it’s meant to solve.
This is challenging because it requires us to set aside our way of thinking and develop empathy for our users’ thought processes.
When our customers ask for a feature, we need to understand why they want that feature. Getting to the real problem is key before we can figure out how to solve it.
Without this understanding, we build things for the wrong reasons, which makes it difficult — or even impossible — to remove the unnecessary parts.

How to create products with the least amount of complexity

Custom notifications for status change in Jira

The default Jira notification scheme sometimes might look like a spam bot, especially if you have a lot of users actively using it, so for one of our project we decided to create an empty notification scheme and add just one notification for a specific status change.

Jira doesn’t have a built in notification for specific status changes but fortunately adding a new one is quite easy.

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